The Five-Year Engagement

Suggesting a goofy spin on the recent Like Crazy, the premise for The Five-Year Engagement also involves a transatlantic romance between a charming British girl (Emily Blunt) and a rumpled American boy (Jason Segel) who just can’t seem to make marriage work, despite sharing lots of cute, quirky moments together. But what’s standing in the way of their love isn’t our nation’s strict immigration policy. No, it’s the slightly more quotidian demands of jobs, family, and everyday life that just keep delaying and delaying their wedding, because of course you can only get married if your wedding is properly big and lavish, otherwise you should just put everything off for five years while you sort it out—BECAUSE YOUR WEDDING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, EVER, AND YOUR LOVE WILL DIE IF IT ISN’T PERFECT.

And while that’s sort of a dumb and overused comic convention, there are a few things here that potentially make Five-Year Engagement worthy paying attention to anyway—namely Animal Kingdom’s Jacki Weaver as Blunt’s mother, Parks And Recreation’s Chris Pratt as Segel’s very Chris Pratt-ish best man, and his NBC Thursday night neighbor Alison Brie as Blunt’s sister, which means in this preview you will see Alison Brie speaking with a British accent. So even if you don’t really want to, you’re going to watch it now.

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