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The Midnight Club gather in a spooky teaser for Netflix's adaptation of the '90s horror novel

The Haunting Of Hill House creator Mike Flanagan will direct the first two episodes of the supernatural teen series

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
The Rotterdam House from The Midnight Club
The Rotterdam House from The Midnight Club
Screenshot: Netflix/Youtube

There’s nothing quite as classic as teens in the horror genre looking for things that go bump in the night. The teaser for Netflix’s horror series The Midnight Club continues the trend with the youths of Rotterdam House gathering for ghost stories more real than they could imagine.

Based on Christopher Pike’s 1994 young adult novel The Midnight Club, the book follows a group of five terminally ill boys and girls at the Rotterdam Home, a hospice for young people. Coining themselves the Midnight Club, the group comes together each night to tell stories of intrigue and horror as they pass the time. One night, they decide to form a pact that “the first one who dies is to make every effort to contact the others from beyond the grave,” reads the book synopsis.

In the teaser, we see the teens began to gather throughout the eerie halls of Rotterdam House for their nightly routine. As each member holds up a glass, they chant what appears to be their opening phrase before the stories start to flow. “Seen or unseen... here, but not here,” toasts the group before lighting flashes and we’re shown a creepy cloaked figure heading the table.


The Midnight Club members will be made up of Adia, Igby Rigney (Midnight Mass), Ruth Codd, William Chris Sumpter (Power), Aya Furukawa (The Baby-Sitters Club), Annarah Shephard (Midnight Mass), and Sauriyan Sapkota.

Filling out the rest of the cast are Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights), Samantha Sloyan (Grey’s Anatomy), Iman Benson, Larsen Thompson, Matt Biedel, William B. Davis, Crystal Balint, and esteemed horror final girl Heather Langenkamp (A Nightmare On Elm Street) as the enigmatic doctor running the Rottendam House.


The Midnight Club is co-created by Mike Flanagan (Midnight Mass) and Leah Fong (The Haunting Of Bly Manor), with Flanagan directing the first two episodes, per Deadline. Flanagan and Fong will be executive producing the series, along with Julia Bicknell and Christopher Pike.

Get ready for some supernatural happenings when all ten episodes of The Midnight Club premiere October 7, 2022 on Netflix.