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The new way to chug a beer is to risk your friend's life while doing it

Throughout history, humans have sought increasingly impressive ways to consume beer. There have been massive flagons and barrels and, if you trust various fantasy properties and cartoons, beer-drinking horns, all spilling big splashes of wonderful ale in an illustration of their powerful beer-loving handlers. Over time, people moved to keg stands, pathologically intense drinking games, and the beer bong, a beer-chugging innovation which itself has spawned countless refinements. There are spider beer bongs that allow for many simultaneous bongings, and extremely tall bongs that jettison the beer to the back of a happy beer-drinkers cranium. All of these up the stakes in one way or another on the simple, time-honored practice of getting drunk, but none have the sheer conceptual audacity of the Trust Chug, which threatens to drown your friend if you can’t drink fast enough.


What’s heart-warming about the Trust Chug isn’t just its spirit of ingenuity but its name, which could’ve easily been the Dare Chug or the Accidental Manslaughter Chug. Instead it is about trust. It is about friendship. It is about looking your friend in the eye and saying, “I will drink this pitcher of beer faster than you can die.” And it is also about that friend looking at you from beneath their globe and saying, “I have washed my face recently enough that it makes sense for you to drink beer off of it.” There’s hope for us all yet.

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