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The Room is finally getting the theatrical wide release it always deserved—for one night only

(Screenshot: IMDB/The Room)

Fourteen years after opening—for two whole weeks—in a handful of very confused Los Angeles theaters, Tommy Wiseau’s cult phenomenon The Room will finally have its day in cinemas nationwide. That’s courtesy of theatrical event programmer Fathom, which announced this week that it’ll be hosting a one-night release of the film in more than 500 theaters on January 9.

Unsurprisingly, this recent upsurge of interest in footballs, infidelity, and being torn apart comes courtesy of James Franco’s The Disaster Artist, which has served as a brand new focal point for Room fanatics. Besides the film itself, the Fathom event is also promising some bonus content, including, “Tommy Wiseau commercials, an inside look at a Hollywood screening, and the trailer for Tommy and Greg Sestero’s upcoming film Best F(r)iends.” (No word yet on whether you’ll need to bring your own spoons, though.)


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