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Today in Trump: He realizes SNL is mocking him as his fans take on David Simon

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Despite everything the network has done for his company and presidential campaign, it looks like things might not be going so well between Donald Trump and NBC. He thought they were the best of friends when he hosted Saturday Night Live last year, but now he has made a discovery that shocks him to his very core: Saturday Night Live has been making fun of him. Can you even imagine? How could someone possibly make fun of the rich guy with the stupid hair and the orange skin who would have more money today if he had sat in a room and done nothing for his entire life and is also notoriously thin-skinned and childish? Where would anyone even start with making fun of that guy?

Shockingly, though, that’s exactly what Saturday Night Live has been doing, and Trump is not happy about it. Rather than simply ignoring this cruel mockery, though, Trump has taken to Twitter to—what else?—declare that everybody is out to get him. He viciously slammed SNL as a “boring and unfunny show,” but his most scathing attack was saved for Alec Baldwin, who he says “stinks.” In other words, he’s definitely taking this like an adult:


Elsewhere in Trump World, his supporters have now set their sights on The Wire creator David Simon, who recently tweeted about the way Trump’s leaked Billy Bush chat has affected his young daughter:


Naturally, when confronted with the outrageous suggestion that their hero’s awful behavior has emboldened other people to say awful things, Trump supporters quickly decided that Simon was making up the story:

He then began retweeting some of the responses he was getting, which ranged from “fairly anti-semitic” to “extremely anti-semitic” with a healthy dose of inhuman cruelty thrown in for good measure:

I hope they punch her cunt every day https://t.co/aGMdvBne1H


Oh look it’s another blood libel against Trump peddled by Jews in the media https://t.co/TOwfYyiSB2

— V. V. HRC✊Groped✊Me (@Vendetta92429) October 15, 2016


When you’re a jew https://t.co/3qvQWRkf5d

— 💀🐸Spooky UB🐸💀 (@cringymeme) October 15, 2016

Funny, my imaginary child told me “Tell those faggots to stop using fake quotes from children as emotional leverage” https://t.co/MSVh7Qt7cw

— Mr. Salty 🐸 (@MrSalty_2) October 15, 2016

Lying jew fuck https://t.co/OdT0WwCZ1z

— JR (@JOHNR1488) October 15, 2016

(((David Simon))) https://t.co/B0tNem9bec

— Alex #FreeRicky (@RedPillSlayer) October 15, 2016

I really don’t use this word, but for lack of anything better, this dude is a major fag https://t.co/VQUq5If6Xe

— Zachary (@RightWing_Dude) October 15, 2016


Clearly, David Simon made up the idea that Trump’s rhetoric is inspiring people to say terrible things, because there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of that happening anywhere.