The new Tolerability Index is up, so you can breathe now. Check it out here. Surprisingly, there are a lot of (well, three) books on this week's Index, though I wouldn't recommend reading, or even coming into close contact with any of them. How To Make Money Like A Porn Star isn't so bad, just unbelievably dull for a satire about the porn industry with the promise of glittering cartoon boobs on the cover. That book will just put you to sleep. But children's books by celebrities are far more dangerous. If you read Gloria Estefan or Billy Crystal's books to your impressionable children, they'll start to believe it's ok for aging celebrities to write books, and pretty soon you'll walk in on your teenage son reading Burnt Toast by Teri Hatcher under the covers, or using whale watching metaphors to describe his high school dating scene to his friends. Oh, the shame.