So far, the trailers for Venom have been careful not to give away too much sweet symbiote action, with the earliest teaser being so light on actual Venom content that some fans were worried that the movie itself would never even show the eponymous monster, but now Sony has released a 30-second clip that’s all about Venom doing his Venom thing as he attacks a bunch of SWAT officers. It’s all very Terminator 2, specifically the scene where the Terminator holds off the police and carefully avoids murdering any of them, except Venom isn’t quite so careful about making sure he avoids killing anybody. He tosses a guy from a high balcony and he uses that guy to smash some other guys, so it seems safe to assume that at least one unlucky SWAT officer isn’t walking away from this fight. Also, the guy does a Wilhelm scream as he falls to his (probable) death, so at least he goes out with a distracting reference to movie history.