September was a big month for music videos with house parties, and this week we break down which parties worked, and which ones we’d prefer we hadn’t gone to with Staff Writer Yolanda Carney in Month In Music Videos. We also talk to Kevin Allison, host of the podcast RISK, about Mel Brooks, and the influence of political correctness in comedy. The show also left its Chicago home to head to L.A. to chat with Edi Patterson about her role in the HBO series Vice Principals, and her voice work in Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears. And ever wonder if there’s entertainment that three different generations could all enjoy? We asked our staffers to come up with just that in this week’s AVC Challenge. Tune into The A.V. Club every Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT only on Fusion. Here’s how to watch.