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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

UnReal nearly broke its arm trying to pat itself on the back during season two, despite the fact its treatment of hot-button issues like media racism and police brutality resulted in a story that was kind of a mess. But when your Bachelor satire stumbles, do the next obvious thing: Tackle The Bachelorette.


The show’s new installment finds Everlasting turning its attention to a woman (the “suitress” in the series’ parlance, as was promised last year by stars Constance Zimmer and Shiri Appleby), with a crop of eager beefcake suitors vying for her affection. But the blonde star turns out to be much smarter than the reality-TV dimwits Quinn and Rachel are used to dealing with, someone who threatens to derail the carefully engineered drama machine the two women have built. The most promising angle of this will be the opportunity to send up the ways in which The Bachelorette both differs from its male iteration as well as how it’s all-too-similar. “I thought women were dramatic,” Quinn says, teasing the potential for pulling back the curtain on a group of men being far more petty, jealous, and manipulative than their distaff counterparts. UnReal returns February 26; here’s hoping it gets back to being the oh-no-they-didn’t delivery mechanism for lacerating wit and soapy dramatics we all know it can be.

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