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Visionary edits Beavis And Butt-head dialogue into a Legend Of Zelda cartoon

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

1989's short-lived The Legend Of Zelda cartoon was the product of a Nintendo craze so all-consuming that it even managed, for a brief period of time, to create video game-themed cereal. Beavis And Butt-Head, on the other hand, was a cartoon that ran for most of the ‘90s (and for a bit in 2011 and that will return sometime soon) thanks to the sheer cultural staying power of how funny it is to watch two numbskull burnouts giggle, comment on music videos, and try to score.

Thanks to the efforts of KhalidSMShahin, a video editor who realized just how well-suited the worlds of Hyrule and ‘90s Texas are to one another, we can now enjoy the revival of both shows in one handy place.

The Legend Of Beavis follows stalwart, Beavis-voiced hero Link as he awakens on a magical morning to spy on Princess Zelda, laugh, and ask her how she’s doing before getting jumped by a bunch of “butthole” monsters. Later, he gets romantic advice from a kingly Butt-Head, who’s been kidnapped and needs to be saved from a situation that, in short, sucks. (Keep watching after the Zelda story wraps up for a twist ending.) The work that went into finding the right voice clips to match with Link’s actions—KhalidSMSHahin says he “spent forever” on it and thanks his sister for help with the rest of the video—is apparent. And it definitely paid off.


Back in 2015, Netflix and Nintendo were rumored to be collaborating on a new Zelda TV show, prompting many to wonder how the beloved game series would best transition to screen. Some likely imagined a Ghibli-inspired take that would capture its magic and spirit of adventure. We say this is too obvious a path. Avoid the temptation to take the asswipes’ path forward, Netflix. Hire Mike Judge, get Link in a T-shirt with Motörhead written on it, and give us a Zelda show that, in the immortal words of our boys, rules.

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