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Watch Conan O'Brien pitch himself for a back-up career as Dwayne Johnson's hapless stunt double

Despite his intimidating physique—dude’s 6'4"—Conan O’Brien’s late-night career doesn’t leave much time for his obvious second calling, the world of high-profile action movie stunts. But—as O’Brien knows better than most—there’s no true job security in the talk show game, which might explain why this clip from his TBS show Conan shows him pushing so hard for a sideline as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s personal stunt double.


Johnson is understandably skeptical, but, once O’Brien dons a bald cap to transform him into a perfect simulacrum of the movie star’s chiseled physique—and then proceeds to get the crap kicked repeatedly out of his lanky frame in a chintzy imitation of Johnson’s upcoming CGI monster movie Rampage—he seems to warm up to the idea of watching the late-night host get injured on a daily basis. And, hey, say what you like about watching a beloved comedian get repeatedly beaten up by an actor in an albino gorilla suit, but there’s just something so compelling about seeing someone commit themselves to getting some practical stuntwork down on film.

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