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Watch this clean-cut young man explain the glories of Starbucks water

The young host of The Report Of The Week racks up hundreds of thousands of views merely by going on about his different takes on the world, magnified by his slick-backed hairstyle and too-big suit. He brings to mind a mini-Pete Campbell, steadfastly smug yet hypnotically compelling. Or Harold from Harold And Maude, if he turned his energy away from suicidal stunts and toward consumer-focused YouTube videos. Remember all those internal monologues you had as a kid that you fervently hoped were in fact so interesting that thousands of people would find you fascinating? Judging from his devoted YouTube followers, “Reviewbrah” is living out all of our childhood dreams, going on in videos for several minutes about new fast-food items and his unusual wardrobe choices.


In his latest 20-minute video, Reviewbrah discusses at great length the type of water he drinks, and the types of glasswear he drinks it out of. He looks back fondly on his time with the historic “blue challis” and the giant “Thirstbuster receptacle.” Gaze in wonder as Mr. Report Of The Week finally reveals in considerable detail how he stumbled across the bliss of Starbucks triple-filtered water in a plastic to-go glass. It’s hard to describe just what makes this kid so addictive; his young, droning voice in the background is uncommonly soothing, and it’s frankly nice to see someone so thoughtful about seemingly every single element of his life. (We can only imagine his oral presentations in history class.)

Check out Mr. Brah’s many explorations on his much-viewed YouTube channel, and try to put aside your professional jealousy that no one in the world cares about the reasons behind your favorite LaCroix flavor.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.