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One of the many, many down sides to having a degenerate blowhard in the White House, who threatens nuclear war in the same offhanded manner that he retweets anti-Semitic memes, is that there are only so many ways to relate what would be cartoon villainy if only Trump didn’t actually have the ability to order a nuclear strike. The president has been described as dangerously incompetent so many times that those words are losing their meaning, which is probably what this administration is after, now that the department of education is in the hands of someone who championed charter schools in Michigan despite below-average test scores.

We’re also running dangerously low on orange-colored produce (in various stages of decomposition) to allude to when describing his radioactive hue, though that’s not quite as big of a concern as the frequent use of “narcissistic” and “racist” when referring to his demeanor. But maybe all we need is to step away from our computers or phones, breathe in the fresh air, and then return to our mobile devices to read some inspired profanity from Stephen Colbert.


The Late Show host appeared on stage at Michael Moore’s Broadway show, The Terms Of My Surrender, on Wednesday, according to The New York Times. As the two talked about how to keep up with the surreal dramedy that is the current administration, Moore complimented his guest on his ability to spin comedy gold out of Trump’s hay-colored toupee: “Your ability to use satire and humor to say the emperor has no clothes is profound every single night.”

Colbert of course said his way of dealing with the Trump presidency is to laugh through it. “When you’re laughing, you’re not afraid, and if you’re not afraid you can think,” he said. As for the national disaster that is having a floundering businessman as chief executive, Colbert advised, “We felt our way into this thing, and we have to think our way out of it.” But after observing that “Trump keeps summoning monsters of abstraction—things that aren’t real—they’re extensions of the ordinary, fears that you have that he plays on,” the late-night host couldn’t help but fucking swear, telling the audience that Trump “wants to brush people into a corner where he can shine his feeble, fucking anemic firefly of a soul.” Now, profanity-laced jokes are a coping mechanism we can get behind.

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