What do you get when a comedian ironically covers the most unironic cover of U2's "One" ever at a Modest Mouse concert? A YouTube video of David Cross performing a live YouTube video. Behold the hipster Ouroboros:

And, of course, here's the original, in case Denise Richards threw your laptop off of a balcony last week, and you haven't seen it.

If Bono now covers this cover of "Something To Talk About," and the footage is posted on YouTube, then the universe will implode. (YouTube videos being performed live, just like rivers turning to blood, and 3 Redneck Tenors roaming the Earth, are all signs of the end.) Anyway, what do all of you think of this? Also, which is funnier: the original unironic cover, the ironic cover of the unironic cover, or the fact that I'm seriously asking this question?