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Will Arnett and Kristen Bell join the Teen Titans Go! movie

(Photo: Getty Images, Dave Kotinsky) / (Photo: Getty Images For Disney, Jesse Grant)

Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go! is arguably the most entertaining superhero show on TV (and inarguably the most divisive), but now Warner Bros. has confirmed that it’s bringing the songs about waffles, the important lessons about real estate, and the very rare instances of actual crimefighting action to theaters with Teen Titans Go! To The Movies. Before now, the studio had only offered vague teases about the project’s existence, but a Twitter account launched today that revealed the movie’s full title and main voice cast. The core Teen Titans cast will thankfully be there—meaning each use of “booyah” will sound the way it’s supposed to—but the cast list also featured two new names: Will Arnett and Kristen Bell.


We don’t know who either of them will be playing, but it’s probably important that Arnett provides the voice of Batman in the Lego movies. Batman has never spoken on the Teen Titans Go! TV series beyond a few playful giggles (it’s a weird show), so there’s a chance Arnett will be giving him some actual lines this time around, but that’s just speculation. As for Bell, there’s no telling who she might play, but the TTG! universe is strange enough that she could easily be anyone from Wonder Woman to Veronica Mars.

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies will be reportedly directed by series co-creator Aaron Horvath and regular director Peter Rida Michail, with the script coming from Horvath and fellow co-creator Michael Jelenic.

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