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Wonder Woman's ass, Green Lantern's package

Somewhere a good ways back up the line, Frank Miller went kinda nuts. I blame his Sin City series. Given the chance to draw all the scantily-clad or just-plain-naked fantasy/fetish hookers he could apparently overheated his brain, and for a long time now, he's been seeing women as mostly a random pile of tits, ass, eyes, giant lips, and giant hair. Not that this is unusual for a comics artist, but the Rob Liefelds of the world aside, most superhero artists kind of keep basic human anatomy in mind when they're drawing, at least before they add the cloud of improbable hair and the head-sized breasts. As of Dark Knight Strikes Back, though, Miller had clearly thrown anatomy out of the window, to judge by the number of women he drew with right angles in their spines and ass-cracks up to their shoulder blades. And his art just keeps getting more reductive, at least to judge from his cover for the upcoming All-Star Batman & Robin #5:

Is that Wonder Woman's ass? And why are we concentrating on her ass when her rib cage is just about to slice its way out through her chest,


Alien-style? And how long will it be before Miller produces a comic-book cover that's just one giant breast, mysteriously full of corners and razor-sharp edges? That aside, one irked comics reader has taken it upon herself to produce samples of what comics covers might look like if they addressed men the way Frank Miller addresses women. Here's one sample.

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