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Yogurt-peddling globalists force Alex Jones to apologize

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What with an insidious cabal of SJWs hell-bent on illegally removing the God Emperor and the untimely death of a media titan brought down by globalist scum, this is exactly when we need a red-pilled warrior like Alex Jones focusing on chopping off the tendrils of the deep state that seeks to control our every move. But no, he has to kowtow to some foreigner simply because Infowars spread a patently false and inflammatory story and made the “victim” the target of racist threats and harmed the the company he owns!


Yes, Jones took a break from peddling the Seth Rich conspiracy to apologize yesterday for saying that Chobani was responsible for the rape of a 5-year-old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho, last June by three boys ranging in age from 7 to 14. The boys were originally from Eritrea and Iraq, and because Chobani has a policy of employing refugees in Twin Falls, it took Jones no time at all to link horrific sexual assault to delicious, nutritious yogurt in an April 11 screed on Infowars’ site, social media, and YouTube channel.

Chobani and founder Hamdi Ulukaya—a Turkish immigrant of Kurdish descent—had already been in the right’s crosshairs because of Ulukaya’s advocacy for refugees, so child-rape naturally added fuel to attacks on the company. Ulukaya quickly responded by suing Jones, who vowed, “We will defeat these people. This is my fight, this is your fight, this is our fight against a bunch of authoritarian, globalist, third-world populations allied with the global elite, who are totally coldblooded.”

His tone at the end of yesterday’s broadcast was a bit different, per the L.A. Times, which ran Jones’ oddly punctuated statement in full:

During the week of April 10, 2017, certain statements were made on the Infowars, Twitter feed and YouTube channel regarding Chobani, LLC that I now understand to be wrong. The Tweets and video have now been retracted, and will not be re-posted, On behalf of Infowars, I regret that we mischaracterized Chobani, its employees and the people of Twin Falls, Idaho, the way we did.

It’s been a rough spring for Jones, who had to apologize in March for spreading the Pizzagate conspiracy, and just recently lost a custody fight to his wife in an embarrassingly public court battle.

But now that he’s made his amends, Jones is free to dive into the Illuminati machinations that had him apologizing to a Turkish immigrant of Kurdish descent the day after Turkish security goons attacked protestors—including Kurds—in D.C. You’re on notice, Fage.


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