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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Look, we know. Nothing will ever take the place of Community on NBC’s Thursday night. But the truth is, something literally will take the place of Community on January 12, and that thing is the returning 30 Rock—a show that now has the unfortunate burden of filling Community’s time slot and becoming a lightning rod for its fans’ ill will. But please, let’s not make 30 Rock the enemy here: 30 Rock didn’t push Community out into the void of indeterminate hiatus (technically, Up All Night did—but let’s not blame it either). And maybe this brief preview will serve to remind you that shows can and do bounce back from unexpected absences, and that at least Community’s spot is being filled by 30 Rock and not that show, you know the one.


Anyway, according to the ever-omniscient trailer voiceover guy, this season kicks off with Liz Lemon harboring a secret: She spent the summer making inappropriate comments about gays. Ha ha, no. Actually, judging by the premiere’s title, “Hey, Baby, What’s Wrong?” and the shot of Tina Fey gleefully grabbing her breasts—and the fact that she’s been talking about having kids for what feels like 50 straight episodes now—the smart money is that Fey might finally get a fictional pregnancy for once. But you’ll have to wait until January to find out for sure what the secret is, and what it has to do with noted cake-grifter Kelsey Grammer returning to the “Best Friends Gang.”

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