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90210 is about to be over, again

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It’s the end of an awkwardly revived era at The CW, as the network has announced that its 90210 continuation will wrap May 13, after five seasons. That’s half the 10 seasons the original Beverly Hills 90210 managed in its heyday and then its own increasingly desperate attempts to recapture that heyday, but the modern edition obviously saw tougher competition from the far broader selection of teen-oriented programming and drugs out there. This season in particular has been painfully low-rated, recently hitting a series low of just 550,000 viewers. It limps to a close with seven episodes left to air—including a series finale guest-starring the newly career-minded Prince Michael Jackson, in testimony to the cultural cachet it has now. Will the finale finally see Donna Martin graduate? Will Brian Austin Green something something rap song? Get all your 90210 jokes out now, folks, because it’s about to be over, possibly forever this time.