Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer (Getty Images for SBIFF)

For as much as he seems to enjoy gently ribbing Donald Trump almost every week on Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin has established over the last few months that he thinks people in general are way too mean to celebrities—especially celebrities who have been accused of doing horrible things. In December, he complained that talk shows went from being “blithe chit chat about movies” to “grand juries” where everyone is unfairly judged for the things that multiple accusers have said that they do, and in January he suggested that everyone is being “unfair” to Woody Allen.

Thankfully, Baldwin is now getting an opportunity to do a talk show the way he thinks they should be done (which presumably involves refusing to believe accusers and siding with powerful celebrities whenever possible), with The Hollywood Reporter announcing that ABC has ordered eight episodes of an hourlong talk show called Sundays With Alec Baldwin. The show will be based on Baldwin’s WNYC podcast, and the network is planning to generate hype for the series by airing a special preview episode immediately after the Academy Awards on Sunday.


The pilot episode will feature Baldwin interviewing Jerry Seinfeld and Kate McKinnon, and the THR story says the chats will be “wide-ranging conversations that touch on topics ranging from the state of comedy in the current political climate to their lives and experiences pre- and post-fame.” Regular episodes of the show will feature Baldwin filling the whole hour with his celebrity interviews, leaving him no time to discuss any sexual misconduct allegations—just the way things should be.

ABC won’t say when regular episodes of Sundays With Alec Baldwin will begin to air, but it will presumably be this year.