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Alex Jones is back on his bullshit, says the Las Vegas shooting was "scripted"

(Photo: Getty Images for SiriusXM, Ben Jackson)

Info Wars host Alex Jones is a disgusting wad of human-sized Silly Putty, constantly getting smushed across the newspaper page of reality and peeled back to reveal a weird and faded imitation where everything is backwards and there’s little hairs and skin flakes stuck inside. He’s a bad person who says and does bad things, and you can set your watch on him having one of the worst conceivable takes on pretty much anything that ever happens ever. It should come as no surprise, then, that he has some thoughts on the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas.

This comes from Media Matters, which has performed the thankless job of listening to Jones’ sludge-like voice and transcribed a couple of nonsense reports from him today about the shooting. For starters, he helped spread a hoax about the shooter being “basically a leftist” who was working with ISIS and Al Qaeda, and he was connected to a larger conspiracy theory about 2017 being the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. To Jones, that might as well be proof that a second revolution—which he cleverly calls “Bolshevik 2"—is in the works, and this shooting is merely the beginning of an upcoming wave of terrorist attacks.


Later, Jones leaned into his Bolshevik 2 bullshit, claiming that some organization has established November 4 as a “launch terror date” even though that was clearly a smokescreen (because everything is a smokescreen or a false flag to Alex Jones). He then added another big twist to his web by suggesting that O.J. Simpson got released from prison so “all the media” would be in Nevada to cover that story. From there, “deep state Democrats and their Islamic allies” used “mental patient cut-outs” to stage the shooting for some unknown reason that is probably very clear to an unhinged maniac with a microphone like Jones.

On the other hand, though, this is an uncharacteristically sensitive response from Jones. Even if the shooting was staged by Democrats, he does seem to believe that it really happened. That’s a step up from his response to Sandy Hook, which was to argue that President Obama had faked the whole thing in order to pass strict gun control laws. That is so fucking stupid and evil that it’s not worth unpacking, but at least we know we can still count on Alex Jones to be the worst.


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