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Two months after being granted parole, O.J. Simpson is out of prison, Variety reports. Simpson left Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center today after serving the minimum nine years of his sentence for armed robbery, which had a 33-year maximum.

In 2007, the disgraced former actor and athlete took several accomplices and broke into a Las Vegas hotel room to steal some pieces of memorabilia. Simpson was then convicted in 2008 on “three counts of conspiracy, one count of burglary in possession of a deadly weapon, and two counts each of kidnapping, robbery, assault, and coercion, all with a deadly weapon,” though he denied having any knowledge of any of his accomplices carrying said weapon.


The July parole hearing addressed the remaining counts of his conviction; he was paroled on five counts in 2013, but he had to serve the nine-year minimum before being heard on the other seven counts.

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