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All the famous people who helped rescue Brooklyn Nine-Nine are now friends

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Stars—They’re just like us! They publicly complain when their favorite shows get cancelled, lead the vanguard for the campaign to renew said show, and then form lasting bonds of friendship with their fellow stars in an ultra-secret group chat. Just like we all do! As Mashable reports, that’s exactly what Lin-Manuel Miranda, Seth Meyers, Mark Hamill, Sean Astin, and Guillermo Del Toro did after successfully leading the fight to resurrect Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


The “weirdest, best group chat,” as Miranda describes it, began soon after the five entertainers realized they shared a common love of light-hearted network comedies and being incredibly famous. What exactly goes on in this group chat? From what we can tell, it’s a place for adult men to fan out about a TV show they all like and think more people should appreciate. So, basically an internet forum. Only, because this particular discussion thread is hosted by an Oscar winner, a Tony winner, a late-night host, a hobbit, and the guy from fucking Star Wars, they get treated to special shout outs from the star of the show they love so much.


Officially dubbing themselves the “Guardians Of The 99,” these five heroes take their new job pretty seriously. They’re out here, patrolling the galaxy, crafting hashtags, and making sure beloved sitcoms get their proper season order. Given the commitment these famous fans have shown publicly and privately, we wouldn’t be surprised if they appeared in a cameo on Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s upcoming NBC debut. After that? Hell, give them their own installment in the MCU. They’ve earned it. And the poster is ready to go.

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