Alone Together Teaser Trailer (2022) | Movieclips Indie

Holmes’ DP, Martim Vian, gets some excellent B-roll, juxtaposing beautiful countryside shots with the conversations taking place inside the AirBnB. Vian also captures some great magic hour backlighting, further assisting an actress who’s been on screen long enough to know what angles and light sources are most flattering. Holmes makes it clear how much effort women go through to maintain their looks, while her male counterparts—especially Charlie—clearly do not at all. Exuding the perfect, glamorous level of unkemptness, the English Sturgess adopts a flawless American accent, perhaps in an effort not to make him any more irresistible than he already is.


Will she choose him over John? Does it matter? Would either relationship survive without a looming crisis containing them indoors? Viewers may take sides, but that’s not really the point of the story. Alone Together is all about the joys of the moment—a lost and then found “wine opener,” a spontaneous bike ride—at a time when it’s either foolish or naive to try and predict the ones that will follow. Then again, it’s also a reminder to treat your loved ones well, even—maybe especially—when a crisis might make you likelier to be impatient, insensitive, or discourteous. To actually communicate should be easier when you’ve got nowhere to go, and Holmes ensures that Alone Together succeeds at that—not just because the characters don’t know what lies in their future, but especially since the audience does.