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Andy Serkis reprises Gollum to mock Theresa May, Brexit

Since the initial Brexit vote in June of 2016, the prospect of the United Kingdom withdrawing from the European Union has only become more unpopular with the voting public. Still, British Prime Minister Theresa May holds onto her dream of a Brexit deal like some sort of obsessive, mountain-dwelling creature out of Tolkien lore. Don’t believe us? Just watch this 100% authentic, leaked video from inside Downing Street that is certainly not a well-produced anti-Brexit ad featuring Andy Serkis in drag.


OK. It’s definitely Andy Serkis in drag, but the satirical point still stands. Mimicking the famous scene from Two Towers in which Gollum argues with his more submissive, repressed personality of Smeagol, Serkis perfectly skewers Theresa May’s maniacal obsession with Brexit. “We takes back control. Money, borders, laws…blue passports!” Serkis rasps before his gentler side suggests that maybe they should consult to people before taking on such a financially burdensome deal. Though this suggestion gets swatted down by the more Gollum-y of the two personalities, it is the ultimate message of the video. As we fade to black on Theresa May sitting alone in her office, coveting her precious Brexit, text appears on the screen calling for a second referendum vote on the deal. “We wants it.”

Just in case this one Lord Of The Rings-themed political ad doesn’t do the trick, we’ve got a few other suggestions. Obviously, Treebeard could lead a “Don’t be hasty” campaign, warning about the dangers of rushing into austerity. Maybe something with “You’ve got my bow” followed by, “And my tax!” could work, but that’s admittedly a bit of a stretch. And, “You shall not pass (this deal)!” is just too good to leave on the table.

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