Should you still have any doubt that FX's Anger Management will function primarily as self-referential commentary on Charlie Sheen's already incredibly self-referential flame-out—even after knowing that he's playing a recovering disgraced guy named "Charlie," starring opposite real-life ex-wife Denise Richards as his love interest, and even bringing in a fellow sworn enemy of Chuck Lorre, Brett Butler, to play a commiserating pal named "Brett"—this new network promo should hammer that home. See, Sheen is walking away unscathed from a total trainwreck, which is like a metaphor for some things! And he is humorously acknowledging that he keeps getting dozens of opportunities to redeem himself, including this new sitcom! Still, you have to admire the network's restraint in not taking Sheen to the zoo so he can smirk outside a tiger cage… yet.