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Attention, all Will Smiths: Will Smith needs you

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Will Smith is apparently too busy recording bad EDM to speak to journalists about his upcoming Netflix movie, Bright, so it seems the Oscar-nominated actor is recruiting fans to do it for him—but only, he clarifies, if your name is Will Smith. Well, that’s the implication, at least, based on a video posted to Netflix’s official Twitter account yesterday.


“They got me on a big, global world tour promoting in Australia, Canada, Japan, Ohio, and just all over,” Smith says. “But it’s too much stuff, it’s interviews, it’s long days, so I came up with an idea—what I need is everybody out there named Will Smith, I need you to look down and respond to Netflix below. ‘Cause I can’t do it all myself, and I need y’all to help me out. All Will Smiths please stand up!”

Surprise! There’s a lot of Will Smiths on Twitter. There’s even a Willmers Smithers.


But lest you think this was just a social marketing tactic, it looks as if the streaming juggernaut is literally recruiting people to do Will Smith’s job for him. Netflix has been asking for DMs from each and every Will, and one intrepid Smith boldly shared a screenshot of the message he received from them.


How this factors into the themes of Bright, an “urban fantasy crime film” about a human cop, an orc, and a young elf, remains unclear, but we’re really hoping it involves Twitter-sourced normies telling reporters what it was like working with Joel Edgerton.

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