In 2003, Billy Bob Thornton turned the world upside-down with a film called Bad Santa that dared to envision a mall Santa who is—in every sense of the word—bad. Now, Thornton has put the red pants and fake beard back on for Bad Santa 2, and if you’re curious to see just how bad this Santa is going to be, this red-band trailer has several swear words and at least one naked butt (not Thornton’s, though). Also, unlike the previous teaser, this one actually hints at Bad Santa 2’s plot and introduces some of the new supporting cast who will be joining in on the movie’s twisted scheming. The most notable of the new additions is Bad Santa’s mom, played here by Kathy Bates, who (as we’ve pointed out before) is only seven years older than Billy Bob Thornton in real life.

Bad Santa 2 was directed by Mark Waters, and it’ll be in theaters on November 23.