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Betsy DeVos dressed as her exact opposite for Halloween

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

One of the great thrills of Halloween is getting an opportunity to dress up like something you’re not, whether it’s a vampire, a supportive burger wife, or a cartoon teacher who cares so much about teaching kids that she takes them on magical and educational adventures. That last option is what Trump’s terrible secretary of education Betsy DeVos went with for the White House’s Halloween thing, as she decided to dress up like Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus for some reason. In terms of Halloween costume choices, this is like a cockroach dressing up as an exterminator or someone who is purposefully making the country’s education system worse dressing as someone who literally uses magic to try and make it better.

As noted by Mashable, the internet has responded to DeVos’ costume choice about as negatively as you’d expect, with even some politicians taking the opportunity to drop an easy dunk on the Trump administration:


It doesn’t look like anyone else in the Trump administration decided to dress as their exact opposite for Halloween, but maybe the local costume shops were just sold out of the “Good President,” “Press Secretary Who Tells The Truth,” and “Someone Who Isn’t A White Supremacist” outfits.

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