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Bloodshot looks good, actually

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Yeah, go ahead, laugh at the movie where Vin Diesel plays a “superhuman, biotech killing machine” with a heart of gold. Chuckle when he earnestly says, “Gina, I’m home” like the world’s baldest Frankenstein. Clap when his face literally gets blown off his head in the trailer.


But you will enjoy Bloodshot. We say this not having seen it. We say this only because Vin Diesel is a gift from the action gods, a man whose biceps are eclipsed only by his tender earnestness. And the premise—he’s brought back from the dead with no memories but a vendetta against the man who killed his wife, but then it’s actually more complicated—is enticingly, indelibly stupid. We want to spend a Saturday afternoon here.

Watch the latest trailer below.

Bloodshot marks the directorial debut of Dave Wilson, who began his career as a visual artist on games like BioShock Infinite and Star Wars: The New Republic. Guy Peace and Eiza González also star in this sure-to-be delightful film, which just saw its release date bumped from February 21 to March 13.

Vin, we would wait forever for you.

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