(Photo: Luiz Rampelotto/Getty Images)

A recent scheduling change from well-known horror production slate Blumhouse has invited some spoooOOOOoooky speculation this week, with horror fans wondering whether the move of an untitled project from Sept. 6, 2019, to December 13—i.e., Friday The 13th—means the company is gearing up to put its own spin on Jason Voorhees’ machete-based mayhem.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the change is just one of a few currently being made to the company’s film release schedule with Universal, all for still-unknown projects. Speculation is being fueled in part by comments recently made in an interview with founder Jason Blum—promoting the recent Insidious: The Last Key—who said, “You know, I really wanted to do Friday the 13th. I would love to do that movie. Maybe someday we’ll get to do that one.”


As much fun as this theory is, though, there are some legal hurdles that might get in the way of it actually coming true. It’s been eight years since Jason’s last playful romp in the forests, and the franchise is currently embroiled in a legal battle between the original story writer for the first film, Victor Miller, and some of its producers over who currently owns the rights.