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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

As the days get colder and Halloween gets closer, television gets much, much cheesier. Case in point The Biography Channel's (yes, it exists) Celebrity Ghost Stories, a show that seeks to prove that celebrities (read: Sammy Hagar and Belinda Carlisle) are just as gullible as we are when it comes to ghosts. How? The best re-enactments $25 can buy.

Gina Gershon was scratched by a ghost in the haunted former brothel she rented with a bunch of other girls in college–just like us! (Incidentally, doesn't it seem like every haunted house is a former brothel? Granted, I'm from New Orleans so my sample is definitely skewed by the fact that every place was at one point a brothel, but where are the haunted former orthodontists' offices, or haunted former day care centers? There's only one haunted gym on record.)

Including Gershon, the show interviewed four "celebrities" about their thoroughly normal paranormal experiences, in the process revealing way more about them than anyone would ever want to know: Sammy Hagar, for example, has severe daddy issues, as evidenced by his story about the ghost of his dad knocking on his door on the night his dad died; while the guy from Ghostbusters has severe mom issues, as evidenced by his story about seeing the ghost of his mom in a window when he was a little boy. Then there's Belinda Carlisle who said she was "electrocuted" by ghosts while trying to sleep a few times during her childhood (the re-enactment demonstrated this by drawing what looked like animated sparklers underneath Young Belinda's nightgown), and that she was strangled by a ghost fog while vacationing in London. Belinda, obviously, has a desperate need for attention–though to be fair so do all the "celebrities" who participated Celebrity Ghost Stories.

In fact, that title makes it sound like a show about seeing famous ghosts, instead of a show about people who are slightly famous seeing ghosts. A more accurate title would have been Ghost Stories Of People Who Have Acquired A Small Modicum Of Fame, or Stars (in the VH1 sense) Be Ghostin'

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