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Dexter: Season Six

There are no glimpses yet of promised guest stars Edward James Olmos, Mos Def, or Colin Hanks, but since we already know that they’ll all most likely play characters who get too close to Dexter and then pay for it in various violent ways, there’s little need. After all, Showtime’s serial killer drama follows a fairly specific pattern, and this early teaser pretty much reaffirms it: Dexter Morgan likes killing people, and now that there’s “nothing to stop him,” he avows that he’s “feeling like my old self again.”

When exactly Dexter didn’t feel like his old self is unclear, as so far the few things that were meant to stop him, supposedly—becoming a family man, feeling overwhelmed with grief, having his true identity discovered year after year—has barely even slowed him down. But for those who preferred the earlier seasons of the show when Dexter killed without having so many one-sided arguments with himself, this brief preview suggests this upcoming sixth round will attempt to recapture some of that unfussy, cold-blooded logic. Or that he’s been infected with the Rage virus from 28 Days Later, which is one of the few things that could legitimately shake things up at this point.

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