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Donald Glover says Tiny Toons inspired the structure of Atlanta's second season

(Photo: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images, Screenshot: Tiny Toon Adventures/Hulu)

Donald Glover is claiming that he got his inspiration for the serialized structure of the upcoming season of his hit FX series Atlanta from the classic kids cartoon Tiny Toon Adventures. Even more specifically, Glover said he was inspired by the structure of the direct-to-video film Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation, which managed to tell a relatively coherent three-act story while simultaneously breaking its plot up into mini-episode-sized chunks.

That’s apparently the same aim that Glover applied to Atlanta Robbin’ Season, which arrives on FX on March 1. “Tiny Toons How I Spent My Summer Vacation was broken up into eight or nine episodes but when watched together, they played like a movie,” Glover told inquisitive journalists at today’s panel for the returning show. “You enjoy them more when they’re together.” Presumably, he’s hoping Robbin’ Season—the subtitle refers to the uptick in robberies in Atlanta around the holidays— will have that same cohesive quality, although it’s not clear whether it’ll also see Earn and Van escape from their various problems by falling through a literal plot hole to Wackyland, as Babs, Buster, et. al did in the 1992 animated film.


[via Deadline]

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