Dysfunctional TV families collide as Shameless star Emma Kenney joins Roseanne

We’re pretty sure Roseanne’s hard-working, blue-collar Conner family wouldn’t give the time of day to the con-loving Gallaghers of Showtime’s Shameless, but the two families are nevertheless about to intertwine. Deadline reports that Emma Kenney, who plays recent single mom Debbie Gallagher on Shameless, has now signed on to the Roseanne reboot.

Kenney will play one of Dan and Roseanne Conner’s grandchildren, the daughter of middle child Darlene. Sara Gilbert has already signed on to reprise her role as the character, while The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki is also expected to return as her husband, David.

The revival show’s eight-episode run is expected to air next year. Meanwhile, after seven seasons of Shameless, it’ll presumably be something of a relief for Kenney to be part of a family that’s merely “somewhat dysfunctional” instead of outright dangerous and insane.

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