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Editor Graydon Carter is leaving Vanity Fair, reveals he built a wall of Trump hate

(Photo: Getty Images For Vanity Fair, Mike Windle)
(Photo: Getty Images For Vanity Fair, Mike Windle)

Getting insulted by Donald Trump on Twitter is a true indication that someone has “made it,” since Trump typically reserves his most vehement hatred for things that are good or successful, and Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter seems to have embraced his status as one of Trump’s favorite targets. Carter will be leaving Vanity Fair after 25 years in December, and he discussed his longtime feud with Trump in a New York Times profile about his departure. In fact, Carter says that he had originally considered leaving the magazine earlier this year, but Trump’s presidency inspired him to stay—presumably because it would give him more chances to dunk on the man he famously once called a “short-fingered vulgarian” in satirical magazine Spy many years ago.


Spy was famous for poking fun at famous people, but Carter took a softer approach to celebrities when he joined Vanity Fair in 1992. Still, Donald Trump never forgave Carter for how much he was ridiculed in Spy, and since the launch of Twitter, he has spent a significant chunk of time predicting Vanity Fair’s imminent collapse and complaining about how dumb and bad Carter is. “He’s tweeted about me 42 times, all in the negative,” Carter says, “so I blew up all the tweets and I framed them all.” Carter explains that he has an entire wall of Trump’s tweets about him, adding that it’s “the only wall Trump’s built.” He also notes that there’s one blank spot on the wall, so he’s hoping that Trump will celebrate his retirement from Vanity Fair with another snotty complaint.

The Wrap has collected some of the tweets, and they include real zingers like this:

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