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Ready Player One author Ernest Cline is a big fan of references to ‘80s pop culture, but it turns out that he’s also a big fan of striking while the iron is hot—or whatever the ‘80s reference equivalent of that old saying is. That’s based on the fact that Cline has now announced that he’s working on a sequel to Ready Player One, an announcement that is only surprising because of how unsurprising it is (the book was very popular, after all). Cline actually shared this news as part of the same Facebook Live event in which he debuted the new trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One movie, ensuring that we’d all have even more Ready Player One stuff to talk about beyond tallying all of the weird cameos Spielberg packed into the clip.

He didn’t divulge any details about the sequel, including its title or which Matthew Broderick movie its main character will have to recite, but he did say that “there’s no better inspiration for a writer” than going back to a world they created and seeing Steven Spielberg “bring that world to life.” In fact, Cline says he even bounced some ideas off of Spielberg, but that’s about all we know. Well, we can assume it will be packed with ‘80s references, but we don’t know for sure. Maybe the sequel will have ‘90s references? They could recreate that bad Godzilla movie.


[via The Verge]

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