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Famous tall person Jason Segel is having a tiny doors problem

Photo: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

There are two irrevocable truths when it comes to Jason Segel: He is tall, and he has no time for nonsense on Twitter. Just ask that guy who wouldn’t stop eating a photo of Jason Segel every day until Jason Segel ate a photo of him. (He was still at it as recently as late July; still no word from Segel). That’s changed over the last week, however, as the actor is now using the social network to illuminate one particular challenge of being so tall: tiny doors.


What came first? The tiny door or the giant man? Or are people just shorter in England, where all of these photos are unfolding? Regardless, it makes the heart ache to think of all the thoroughly British buildings Segel isn’t able to enter due to his gargantuan stature. He’s not alone, either, as fans on Twitter have shared their support. (Or maybe they’re just happy he’s tweeting something that isn’t promotional?)


Keep in mind this particular plight next time you want to scream at the tall guy in front of you at a concert. We all have our problems.


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