30 years after it originally went off the air, syndicated game show mainstay Press Your Luck is mostly known for two things: Its irritating, cash-gobbling, Noid wannabe mascot The Whammy, and Michael Larson, the guy who set a long-standing record for game show winnings by totally breaking the game, walking away with $110,000 in cash and prizes, much to the frustration of the show’s masters at CBS.

Larson’s story has gone from corporate embarrassment to TV legend over the decades, but we have to assume ABC will be doing its damnedest to stop anyone from recreating his feat now that it’s bringing the series back. Deadline reports today that the network is reviving Press Your Luck yet again, along with that other Game Show Network filler favorite, Card Sharks.


Fremantle Media owns both series (and also co-produced a documentary about Larson’s win that aired on Game Show Network back in 2003). Press Your Luck was previously revived in that same era as Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck, while Card Sharks had a similar revival run in 2001.