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Great Job, Internet!: Have you considered putting Lysol in your vagina?

Oral Adams of I Can Has Internets collected 25 mind-blowingly sexist print advertisements from the good ol' days—you know, back when men were men, women were there to cook and clean, and sicko homosexuals knew their goddamn place. This post first went up at the end of May, but sexism is timeless.

"Often a wife fails to realize that doubts due to one intimate neglect shut her out from happy married love" proclaims an ad for Lysol douches. It recommends women use "concentrated germ killer" Lysol in their hoo-hahs to maintain "feminine daintiness" and "protect your married happiness… keep you desirable!" Failing that, have you considered just hosing that shit down with mixture of bleach and ammonia?

Here's a taste. See all them here. (Bonus: More Lysol ads here.)


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