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Hasbro to actually include female characters in its new batch of Star Wars toys

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Over the last year or so, Hasbro has had a bit of a problem including female characters in its toy lines based on big movies. Lately, though, the company seems to be making a concerted effort to be better about that, ensuring that a Black Widow toy appeared in its first wave of Captain America: Civil War merchandise and responding to public outcry by adding Rey to a Star Wars Monopoly set. Now, it looks like Hasbro is going to continue with this pro-equality trend by including two female characters in a small batch of Star Wars toys that it’ll be showing off during the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con.

This comes from Nerd Approved, which says that the toys include “Electronic Duel” versions of Kanan and Darth Vader from Star Wars: Rebels (it’s specifically the Rebels take on Vader, with red eyes and the Ralph McQuarrie-style helmet), as well as a new figure of Rey from The Force Awakens and Hera from Rebels with an A-Wing fighter that seems to fire Nerf darts. The Hera toy is a nice nod to her being the show’s ace pilot, bucking the trend of including generic dude pilots with Star Wars ships. And the Rey figure has her head all wrapped up, just like the real Daisy Ridley.


There’s also a Scout Trooper with a Speeder Bike, because that’s never been a toy before. But maybe this one is also a woman, and it’s just impossible to tell under that armor?

The Nerd Approved story doesn’t say when these will be available for purchase, but you can gawk at them if you’re at San Diego Comic-Con next week.