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Hawkman has one of the most confusing histories of any superhero, thanks to the cycle of reincarnation that seen him live as an ancient Egyptian prince and a cosmic police officer, among the many roles he’s played throughout the millennia. In the right creative hands, that confusing continuity provides rich narrative material, and writer Robert Venditti and artist Bryan Hitch are embracing the complications of Carter Hall’s past to reveal new aspects about his character. Venditti’s best superhero work—Valiant’s Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior—had him delving deep into what makes an immortal hero tick, and the cycle of death and rebirth plays a major part in Hawkman, which has the central character coming face-to-face with his past selves.


This exclusive preview of this week’s Hawkman #4 has Carter soaring through the alien planet of Thanagar as he’s chased by his aforementioned police officer self, Katar Hol. It’s a thrilling showcase for Bryan Hitch’s action skills, taking readers on a high-octane tour of Thanagar that highlights just how exciting it is would be to fly through this sci-fi environment. Inkers Andrew Currie, Andy Owens, and Daniel Henriques reinforce the meticulous detail of Hitch’s pencils while Jeremiah Skipper takes readers on a color journey with his shifting palette, shifting from steely gray to bright neons to shimmering gold as Carter and Katar fly higher and higher. Venditti has done great work writing to Hitch’s talent for widescreen spectacle, and it’s reinforced what a cool action hero Hawkman can be, particularly when you factor in all of the different time periods and settings his past selves open up.

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