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HBO is turning the sites of your favorite Game Of Thrones murders into tourist attractions

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Life in the Game Of Thrones world must be miserable, since even the rich people from influential families have to deal with infighting, wars, and the general public constantly judging you for doing it with your relatives, but simply stopping by Westeros for a visit can’t be too bad. As it turns out, HBO is actually planning to make that (sort of) possible by opening up some of the show’s filming locations in Ireland to the public. After an “exploratory process,” HBO will be turning the sets for Winterfell, Castle Black, and King’s Landing into tourist attractions, which will be accompanied by new tours of Linen Mill Studios where fans can see “material from the series.” The sets will feature props and costumes that everybody can gawk at, along with “digital content and interactive materials” that will make the whole experience feel like some kind of alternate history museum instead of just the fake castles where you saw people get murdered on TV.

That all comes from Variety, which says HBO and Tourism NI are hoping to have this all ready by 2019, but the story doesn’t mention if these sets will feature Disney World-style actors wearing Game Of Thrones costumes and posing for pictures. The Winterfell set can have a fake Ned Stark solemnly warning everyone about winter while fake Joffrey struts around like a little shit, and the real hardcore fans can recklessly climb Winterfell’s towers and find fake Jaime and Cersei secretly having sex. Fun for the whole family!