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Here's the latest Blade Runner 2049 trailer, now with extra creepy Jared Leto

With roughly a month left to go before Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049 glides its way into theaters, we’ve already gotten plenty of looks at stars Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, as they attempt to out-deadpan each other in the futuristic sequel. Now, the latest trailer—technically, an international TV spot, but there’s plenty of new footage on display—gives us a few more glimpses of the character who’s looking more and more like the film’s villain, Jared Leto’s Niander Wallace.


In case it wasn’t clear from the fact that the producers cast Jared Leto for the part, Wallace—who’s apparently taken over replicant manufacturing from the old Tyrell Corporation—is pretty obviously a bad guy by this point, all menacing robot eyes and “I am evil” vocal tics. We also get some new glimpses of Ana De Armas as Gosling’s love interest, Joi, and a bunch of hints that this new film will be a lot more action-packed than Ridley Scott’s 1982 original.

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