Essentially, this is an online game that invites players to strap smartphones to their bodies as they copulate in order to score points and burn calories. The program is being introduced with a colorful animated video that manages to evoke both the 1970s porn craze and the 1980s fitness craze. The cartoon employs an eye-assaulting color scheme not generally seen since the days of “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John. It is puzzling, however, how the cartoon characters in this little movie expect to do well at BangFit, since they seem to lack genitalia.

Over at Mashable, Heather Dockray provides a little backstory about the motives and methodology of BangFit and its “sexercises.” “While the concept sounds simply gimmicky,” Dockray writes, “BangFit says they designed the app using real science and professionals in the field.” That’s reassuring. There actually is some logic behind this strange endeavor. As the program’s creators attest, sex is the one physical activity for which people never seem to be too busy. So why not turn it into a fitness game? It remains to be seen, however, whether players will want to share their results over social media, as suggested in the video. Facebook is plenty awkward on its own without that.


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