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Jacob Tremblay, Christopher Lloyd, and Mel Brooks are starring in an animated movie

(Photo: Getty Images for FIJI Water, Phillip Faraone)

According to Deadline, famous kid Jacob Tremblay is set to star in a 3D animated movie with famous old people Christopher Lloyd and Mel Brooks (Kenan Thompson will also be there, but he’s sort of in between). The movie doesn’t have a name, but Deadline has a surprisingly thorough plot breakdown, explaining that it’s about two kids named Patrick and Susan who are trying to rescue their grandfather Mr. Campbell from the “supernatural forces that have invaded his isolated island.” To do this, they’ll need the help of a “charming Irish rogue” named Jack, and if you predict that they’ll “end up on a dangerous journey filled with magic and mystery,” then you know exactly what kind of movie this will be.

The movie will be the directorial debut of Kim Pagel, who also wrote the script. Pagel doesn’t have much of an IMDb presence, beyond the fact that they directed a short called The Lego Story that came out in 2012 and probably isn’t the same thing as The Lego Movie.


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