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Jake Johnson thinks New Girl is heading toward its adorkable finale

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Fox’s New Girl is reaching a point where several of its main characters are about to move out of its lavish loft, another is getting married, and the core will-they-won’t-they pairing is about five seconds from a “they will” at any moment. Basically, the ducks are in a row for the series’ end, and star Jake Johnson thinks it’s going to happen sooner rather than later. In fact, he thinks the show’s current season—its sixth—will end up being its last.

As reported by The Daily Beast, Johnson noted that Fox won’t tell them whether or not New Girl is being renewed for another season, but he says “the core fanbase would be okay” if the upcoming season finale ends up being the series finale. That presumably means that it will tie up the whole Nick/Jess romance without really shattering the status quo in any crazy ways, which would still leave the door open for another season if Fox does pick it up again.


Daily Beast notes that the show’s ratings have been dropping pretty much since it premiered, with both Johnson and series creator Liz Meriwether suggesting that a lot of people probably watch New Girl on streaming services like Hulu rather than tuning in to Fox every week. Also, for the record, Meriwether says she has no idea if the show will return, and Fox itself says it’s “in discussions” about whether or not it will bring the show back.