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James Mangold is making a Patty Hearst movie that probably won't have a giant cat

Patty Hearst in 1976 (Photo: Getty Images, Keystone)

Last week, we excitedly reported that Logan director James Mangold was making a movie based on Katherine Applegate’s Crenshaw, a kids book about an imaginary kitty cat that is giant and also presumably fluffy and nice and a very good friend. It was the best news in a long time, because kitty cats don’t get enough attention outside of Twitter, but in a move befitting the guy who directed Logan, Mangold has now ripped out our hearts by announcing that his next movie won’t be this great cat story.

According to Variety, Mangold will now be following Logan with a movie about famous kidnapping victim Patty Hearst. The movie will be based on Jeffrey Toobin’s book American Heiress, but it will reportedly have a different name. Elle Fanning is in talks to play Hearst, who was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army in the ‘70s and resurfaced later as a member of the terrorist group when she was caught on tape during a bank robbery. Hearst may have interacted with cats during her time with the group, but it’s not generally a major part of the story.


Mangold will most likely get to Crenshaw at some point after this Patty Hearst movie.

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