As far as major action movie franchises go, the John Wick series has had a pretty ruff (sorry) track record when it comes to the topic of dog murder. Some of us are still a little bit traumatized from the inciting incident of the series’ first film, in which some very stupid, very short-lived thugs piss off Keanu Reeves’ Baba Yaga by graphically murdering the sweet little puppy gifted to him by his dead wife. (We’d include the video of the moment in question, but we just watched it again, and nope.)

So it’s a little rich to see the franchise advertise the upcoming John Wick: Chapter 3—Parabellum with a video celebrating today’s National Puppy Day (which was founded by lovers of dogs—but not the old, crappy kind—back in 2006). Especially since the video entirely ignores poor, murdered Daisy in favor of the unnamed dog Wick adopts at the end of the first movie.


Admittedly, that dog is also, in the words of Lance Reddick’s wonderfully deadpan concierge, a “good boy.” But still, we’re worried that Wick—who ends the second film by taking said pupper on the run with him from what is apparently an entire city full of rival assassins—just isn’t the most responsible of dog owners, especially since promo shots from the film show him hanging out with two entirely other dogs. How many dogs are you going to go through, John? They’re not like the millions of pistols and shotguns you discard per movie; you can’t just keep tossing them away!