Judy Blume Forever - Official Trailer | Prime Video

That said, the film does deviate from its formula briefly to highlight an issue that has been central to Blume’s life and career: the banning of books. Blume’s frank discussions of feminine sexuality and adolescent anxieties were notable targets of censorship during the Reagan administration, and they are once again among the lists of books that Republican politicians are seeking to remove from libraries in states like Texas and Florida. As a call to action, the film finds a momentary raison d’etre, bringing to the forefront a political issue that’s more pressing than a mere historical curiosity.


This makes Judy Blume Forever a relevant film in spite of its fairly rote presentation. Though it isn’t a deep or nuanced depiction of the beloved author, it is a competent exploration of her continued impact and relevance, a traipse through a career that defined and enlightened generations of kids for half a century and weathered fearful attacks from those who would preserve unquestioned patriarchy. For fans of Judy Blume, the film is an honest representation of why they love her and why kids will continue to love her, and by the metric of those modest goals, Judy Blume Forever is a success.

Judy Blume Forever premieres on Prime Video on April 21, 2023